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Mission Trip To India – My Sister Jacqui’s Story

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My heart to reach people with the love of Christ comes from my Heavenly Father, as I am a follower of Yeshua. I have been involved in missions with various ministries since 1988, and I have fallen in love with the people of Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean and Central America. This past June, I had the opportunity to visit and minister in Chennai, India with my sister Gina and my daughter Aquila.


I have had a heart connection with Chennai for the past 6 years, as I have hosted Pastor P and his wife in my home in Denver whenever they travel to the United States. Pastor often shared with me the vision the Lord gave him to plant 1,000 churches in Southern India. He also shared the powerful testimony of his entire family’s conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. Pastor’s vision to plant these churches is becoming a reality as he has planted 126 churches and is operating a Bible school to train up local pastors to lead these churches.

My visit to India was a wonderful time of ministry. It opened my mind and heart to the needs in Chennai and the surrounding villages. Pastor is a humble man that lives a simple life. I witnessed the great sacrifices that he and his family make to spread the good news. The best part of this trip is that we stayed in Pastor’s home in the heart of the bustling city of Chennai. His wife, a great cook, fed us plenty spicy Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They gave us their best. It is always great to be exposed to the heart and soul of a culture by actually living with them, and not in a resort hotel somewhere outside the city. I truly now have a family in India, and many young Indians that call me Auntie Jacquie.

Another great blessing was our visits to many of the villages in which the people are very poor. In one of the villages, we gave out some of the items donated by people in the States to the lepers that come to the village church. In another village, we went door to door giving out rice and blessing the people. The people were so gracious and thankful; many ask that we would come into their small home and share a meal with them. The people of India are very hospitable. Our last village stop (in the dark) on this day was one in which no church has been established. Pastor simply found a light post, took out his accordion and begin to play while his wife sang. People begin to gather around. Gina and I preached the gospel, and 16 people gave their heart to Jesus. It was that simple, that beautiful and that powerful. Pastor will now plant a church in this village, and we believe God that we can sponsor a pastor to lead this new congregation for a mere $100.00 per month. These young men make great sacrifices to live in the villages. They live in homes with no bathroom; they sleep on floors and work tirelessly from village to village to care for the people for such a small wage (amazing). The next week, we visited another Hindu village where no church is established and this time my daughter Aquila and I preached the gospel message and over 26 people came to the Lord. So now, we have two churches and pastors to sponsor (exciting).

It was a privilege to preach to the congregation on Sunday morning, as well as to the village pastors at a monthly Pastor’s Meeting. God truly filled our mouths with His words. Christians in India are committed to a life of prayer. We joined in their customary Friday all day and night fasting and prayer time. In addition, we witnessed a village church baptism. Yeshua is moving in the hearts of people all over the world. After visiting India, I can say first hand that this ministry is truly good ground in which to sow seeds for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God on this earth.

To partner in supporting the two churches planted during the mission go to Charity For Life Ministry and click the “Donate” button.

Jacqui Graham, Denver, CO


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