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From Forgiveness to the Mission Fields of India



Front to Back: My niece Aquila, my sister Jacqui in the middle and me, Gina E, with my hand up

From forgiveness to the mission fields of Chennai, India is where I find myself after reluctantly, but obediently fasting in pursuit of living in the midst of God’s will and call.

It was and continues to be important for me, as a maturing Christian and the president and founder of Charity For Life Ministries, to insist that God discloses to me anything in my life that would encumber or prevent me from achieving His call on my life and to Charity For Life Ministries.

Every call to leadership is successful when in pursuit of God’s supreme instructions, directions, guidance and when His presence is beckoned . And so it was, in my hunger and thirst, that God revealed to me deeply hidden unforgiveness that was threatening my growth and call to mission and ministry.

Check out the video below (the sound is not great so you may need to use ear buds).

Unforgiveness to Forgiveness

Peace and Blessings,

Gina E


4 thoughts on “From Forgiveness to the Mission Fields of India

  1. Awesome testimony sis!


  2. The sound was pretty good on my cell phone

    Thank you for posting this and given me the opportunity to share in your journey.

    I love you!!


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